Letters: Bringing country to its knees

Saturday November 16, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

The function of Parliament in Rarotonga is being denied by the elected members of each electorate.


Their top salaries, allowances and constant travel has to be some result of their clamour to obtain office – so why not do a proper job and debate in Parliament some of the responsibilities you offered the voters.

I know the people of Rarotonga have stopped guessing.

The so-called leader Henry Puna is on record seeking a place at the table at the United Nations – even at the expense of New Zealand citizenship of our people and the aid and pensions New Zealand offers our people.

Trading with surplus of $30 million has come at the expense of each taxpayer in Rarotonga. Basic quality of life in Rarotonga has been compromised – quality waters for one, roading, shortfalls in medical staff at our hospital …

A gentle reminder to the nation that Grey Power had a way some years ago that this government has overlooked since. When Richard Neves, the stooge of Henry Puna and Mark Brown, backed down and corrected their alignment with common decency – and tried to shift blame over plundering pensioners’ tax accounts to satisfy their avaricious tax grab from the elderly pensioners’ savings. Overnight, bank accounts were reduced by a derived ‘tax flaw’.

The modern agenda would have to be a correction in the ‘tax threshold”; elderly abuse; jobs for mates; medical shortages; and constant travel by Puna and his entourage.

Generationally this would see Rarotonga on its knees.

Don Reid, Nikao


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