Letters: Be guided by mining companies’ abuse of neighbours

Monday September 30, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear editor,

Look at other indigenous countries who have allowed mining into their areas before you buy the mining company promises of vast amount of money and jobs for locals.


Papua New Guinea? New Zealand? Australia? Australia is having its guts torn out by mining but the indigenous people don’t get the benefits they should from it.

Even here in New Zealand, millions of dollars go to Australian mining companies and the locals are primarily employed in menial jobs.

All over the world mining creates more misery for local populations than wealth. And then the locals get angry because they see their resources being taken to make rich white people richer, and the tangata whenua struggle to make ends meet.

Please don't open your beautiful islands up for more exploitation, the tourism industry is already exploiting your people for cheap labour and polluting your unique whenua. Please think hard about allowing mining.

Cita Tito

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