Letters: Bare heads don’t kill

Tuesday September 03, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear editor,

Good to see Brent Fisher focusing on alcohol as the main culprit for accidents and fatalities on our roads.


It was a pity he had to finish his interview by poking a stick at families picking kids up from school on their bikes. All it does is get police to take action an easy pickings areas that make them look like they are winning the war against the road toll.

School children do not crash and die on their way to school, with or without a helmet, but school-age children do die on our roads when speeding and alcohol are present. 

Brent brought up good points that alcohol is also a major factor in our domestic abuse statistics (which are not to be proud of) and the easy access to alcohol at all little stores.

They have to make money and many will turn a blind eye on Sunday and sell alcohol if presented with an empty bag.

The reality is if a helmet was added to every fatality scenario in the past 10 years, most of them would still be dead.

However, if speed and alcohol was taken out of the scenarios, most of the accidents would never have happened – whether you wear a helmet or not.

Government has done very little to address the alcohol problem we have.

What will it take for them to raise the drinking age, and reduce selling cheap drinks 24 hours?

Maybe after they all fail their drug tests they will install some safeguards for the people.

RAT Mave

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