Letters: Something fishy going on with PM

Saturday August 31, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Prime Minister Henry Puna. Prime Minister Henry Puna.

OPINION: Dear editor, I want to ask the Prime Minister if he likes to eat tinned fish? I know I don't, but that is all I can afford and even then it is very expensive.

I am retired and together with my husband we live in Rarotonga I go back to New Zealand for summer to see my children.

When I return I bring as much frozen or packed fish as possible, because here to buy a teeny tiny can enough to make a sandwich is $3.60. 

On Friday we thought we would have some fish and chips at Rima bakery little did we know they use fresh fish and it was going to cost us $17each for fish and with chips, $41.

So we said no thank you, and had fish fingers, $12 / box. 

Sunday we decided to treat ourselves after church. We went to Ocean Fresh I bought 2x tuna and 4x mahimahi fillet for our ikamata and sushimi it was $55 altogether.

On the way home I stop in at Super Brown to get some poke and taro another $18 aue e! $73 for one meal for two people.

No wonder the PM has to pay himself a bonus, more than two times what my children earn in one year. 

I bet he eats fresh fish when he is here, not tin, that is why he pays himself too much.

These prices are his fault because he gave away our fish to the purse seine fishing people, for only 16c/kg!

Mata Ngariki

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