‘Put kikau broom to minister’s backside’

Tuesday June 25, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The behaviour of government in continuing to merrily mis-govern our people and country, with typically blithe disregard and blatant arrogance, has left a sour taste in the mouths of many. As a result of dismay, desperation and economic survival, many of our people have had little choice but to abandon our tiny paradise for “greener pastures” abroad.


Yet still prime minister Henry Puna, together with his ever-faithful and sycophantic sidekick Mark Brown, continue to ignore our serious concerns.

These are many of the same issues our good friend, Atiu's much-admired warrior Norman George, raised in his weekly column, “The Sift”. Government should be shaking and quivering in their boots, unable to prevent the media democratically discussing these issues, brought about by the government's absurd posturing, further humiliating our country internationally.

Government's desperation for political survival, and blatant abuse of proper and lawful parliamentary processes, has borne upheaval.

Mark Brown's recent ranting at the judiciary was a very serious breach of protocol, requiring disciplinary action.

We have Puna's unwillingness as attorney general, to put the kikau broom to his sidekick’s backside, definitely unbecoming of a punitive attorney general!

Then we have a Police commissioner, seemingly not allowed, unwilling or unable to fulfil the legal obligations of his duties, such as investigate allegations of abuse of office against a current Minister of the Crown – a complaint filed with the Police more than six months ago.

Ka kite e kia manuia,

Papa Williams

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