Have an opinion, but don’t abuse

Wednesday March 06, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Have an opinion, but don’t abuse

Dear Editor,

That letter in the Monday paper was a good attempt to put down the efforts in Atiu of the Brown family.


By the look of the words this looks like it may have been written by those Demo people.

You said that Te-Hani Brown had “lost the respect of her voters”.

This terrible job of abusing a nice elected Member of Parliament is a disgrace and the rest of the letter is not worth replying to.

It is nice for everyone to have an opinion, but please don’t abuse people.

You have no idea what goes on it Atiu, so why don’t you just leave it to the good Atiu Warriors to make their own choice.

You lot might just wake up soon to the reality that Mrs Brown and her daughter are independent, and you lot might need them soon.

Te-Hani will win.


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