Are threats cause of betrayal?

Wednesday January 23, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Are threats cause of betrayal?

Dear Editor,

The question that has to be addressed is whether Te-Hani Brown was threatened by the CIP government and pressured into betraying her voters.


Te-Hani Brown has demonstrated a lack of understanding of the basic mechanisms of government. Mark Brown claims Te-Hani has defected from the Demos and is supporting the CIP government because she wants stability and projects to continue in her Atiu constituency.

Let’s be clear.

The road sealing in Atiu was budgeted for and approved by both the government and opposition in Parliament when the national budget was passed. All parties agreed for the road sealing to be done. It was not decided upon solely by the CIP government and for Mark Brown, the Finance minister, to suggest this is completely misleading and shows the tentacles of political interference in capital projects, such as the Atiu roadworks, continues to occur under this current government.

As a very concerned taxpayer, this type of political interference needs to be revealed and for the public to be aware that this is happening and that Mark Brown is condoning it – he proved this in his Wednesday statements in Cook Islands News.

Also Mark Brown should not claim that any of the roadworks done in this country are done by “government”, it is done by Infrastructure Cook Islands using taxpayer money that was approved in Parliament by the Democratic Party, the CIP, One Cook Islands and the independents.

Te-Hani you have been misled by Mark Brown. He has led you to believe that the projects in your constituency will only happen if you support the government. That is incorrect and dishonest.

As an MP, you get to vote for the Budget in Parliament. You don’t need Mark Brown to do that.

You should do the honorable thing and stay with the Democratic Party, you should honour your word, instead you have believed the deception.

Brown stated that Te-Hani was “joining the government because she wanted the development work going in her constituency to continue.” That sounds like Brown threatened her that no work would carry on in the Atiu constituency if she stayed with the Demos.

If Te-Hani made this decision to betray her voters, committee and party under duress then she needs to understand that she does not need to support the government for projects that have already been approved to continue.

Te-Hani you need to seek some sound, independent advice because if that adviser will tell you the truth, that person will repeat what I am stating here.

Have a close look at what has happened.  Seventy-one people voted for Te-Hani Brown as the Democratic candidate in the Tengatangi-Areora-Ngatiarua constituency, they have all been betrayed.

The Democratic Party committee of that constituency was betrayed.

The Democratic Party and fellow Demo MP’s were betrayed.

Finally, the tax-paying public who will now have to pay for another by-election in the Atiu constituency have also been betrayed.

                Concerned citizen

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