A caution for Titikaveka MP

Tuesday December 11, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Re:  Statement by MP Selina Napa about returning convicts:

I act as legal counsel for a person who is currently remanded in custody charged with offences committed in Titikaveka.


The publicity generated by the MP drawing attention to the defendant’s numerous previous convictions is regretted.

In one foul swoop, she has prevented this person from getting a free and fair trial, with a little help from you, editor.

Future jurors will now be aware that this person has previous criminal convictions, a fact not allowed at trial.

The MP is in contempt of court by divulging matters treated as subjudice pending trial, ofcourse if she had said it in Parliament she would be protected by Parliamentary immunity; know the difference Sel I share the MP’s concern for the victims of these serious offences, but our reaction must be conducted within the Rule of Law.

            Norman George,

            Barrister and solicitor

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