Visitors applaud ‘wonderful’ island residents

Tuesday November 20, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Tomorrow my wife and I are returning to New Zealand but before going wish to publicly express our appreciation to the many wonderful people we have met during our stay here on Rarotonga. 

One man particularly merits special mention because he was for us, an angel in disguise.  If an award exists for public recognition of kindness and compassion then my wife and I would unhesitatingly nominate this man.

Last Wednesday, we almost traversed the whole island on bicycles but were reduced to walking because of cramp and dehydration. 

This man noticed our struggles, paused in his journey and inquired of our situation, then transported us and our bicycles to our resort on the back of his blue diesel truck. Then, if this kindness weren't enough he returned to where he had found us to recover and return the cycle locks that had fallen onto the road when I lifted the bicycles up.

I do not know this wonderful man's surname.  His Christian name is Sonny, he is from Tokelau, lives somewhere proximate to the prison, and has a son working in traffic control for a road construction crew in Wellington.

There will be those who know who I am referring to; Rarotonga is indeed blessed by his being here, just as we were.

Yours sincerely

Robert and Judy Nielsen

Wairoa.  New Zealand

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