Political tactics bear marks of desperation

Wednesday September 12, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Aue taue, those slimy Demos are up to it again…trying to slither their way into the minds and hearts of some of the Cook Islands Party MPs by offering them like the serpent of old, a bite of the apple if they will just betray their people and come to the dark side.


Really Demos, are you so desperate that even after losing the petitions and losing the election you still are trying to slime your way into government?

So here’s a word for your leader: “Kare”. It’s a small word, but it is very, very powerful word. No, you will not be in government and no you will not seduce our CIP MPs on to your side. No there will not be MPs breaking the law and forcing by-elections in their Punas.

This is because - wait for it, this is another very powerful word: “Ae”. Yes, the CIP will do the right thing and yes they will be sitting in government and yes you are looking at another four years in opposition.

Because that’s what you get when you rely on the likes of George Pitt to run your media. 

A house built on lies and more lies e tuatua pikikaa, e anganga pikikaa will not stand.

            Teariki Terotero

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