Cable questioned

Thursday August 30, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Is the Manatua cable and the apparent obstinate, yet contradictory declaration by government that it “intends to proceed as planned”, meanwhile stating that “the concerns raised by the Chamber of Commerce... are being carefully considered” (CINews August 23), not an issue on which the caretaker government should be consulting with the Opposition?


What would the position be if, like the team to Hawaii, the Opposition counselled to wait until one or the other had a clear mandate but government forged ahead regardless?

And then, with a change of government and greater transparency, and the new government choosing a different option, would there be financial culpability on the part of the obstinate ones (read Cabinet ministers) because their actions left either no opportunity for a remedy or being faced by an expensive withdrawal?

It seems to be that even though caretaker conventions are not justiciable (subject to trial in a court of law), someone has to take responsibility for flouting them, especially if they prove to be fiscally irresponsible or just plain disastrous.

            John M Scott

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