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Monday August 27, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

CITV's programming leaves a lot to be desired.


At around 8.30 am on Saturday, I caught a good programme on ABC TV (via CITV) that had already started, so I left my housework duties to watch it.

Just as it got interesting, the programme was stopped and replaced by something else! Right at the moment Dr Mosley was about to explain his method for curing diabetes type II!

A new and interesting programme on how to cure diabetes type II using an unconventional method (devised by a medical doctor in Australia, Dr Michael Mosley, which he used on himself when he got the disease), was abruptly replaced by a programme CITV has shown for the umpteenth time, called Catalyst, about plastics polluting our oceans.

There was no prior warning, nothing. It was rude to say the least.

We don't have enough educational health programmes on TV for humans as it is. Why not let us get to the end of a programme before changing it? With the high rates of diabetes in this country it would have been a lot more useful to the humans that live on the land to have this knowledge than for them to hear the same message over and over about the struggles of turtles and dolphins.

While I am complaining about programming, I want to know why CITV cannot publish a TV programme in the newspaper like TV stations the universe over, do? This is so we can plan ahead for things we might like to watch, or avoid Is that too hard to do?

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