Asbestos education is website’s mission

Friday August 17, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

My name's Emily and I'm with the (US-based) Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance (MCA).


Our organisation's goal is to raise awareness for mesothelioma cancer and the dangers of asbestos exposure. I read the article, “Raromart waste about-face”, (CINews, August 15) and I noticed that you mentioned asbestos.

Helping to educate others on the dangers of asbestos is one of the most motivating parts of my job at the MCA.

Is there any possibility of adding our asbestos page address as an informational resource so readers can find out more about the risks of asbestos exposure? It would fit well with this extract from the CINews story on the disposal of waste from the Raromart building:

“Brider said the green light to move the waste from the site was given to allow the workers to deal with asbestos materials that were present in the destroyed building.”

Or it could even be listed at the bottom for readers to go to the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance for more information on asbestos and mesothelioma.

Please let me know if this is at all possible. Thank you for your help!

            Emily Walsh

            Director Community Outreach

            Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance

            Editor’s note: The information that Walsh refers to can be found at:

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