Questions remain on shipping venture

Thursday August 09, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor
Developer Tim Tepaki. Developer Tim Tepaki.

Dear Editor,

We notice the recent letters of Tim Tepaki and his open friendliness towards China maybe taking over our islands with their mortgages, and Tim’s open wish to discuss these matters.

The danger the Sister Islands face with the MOP is that they may lose their land.

Will Tim face the business danger with them?

I say this because nowhere do I see Tim putting up one cent himself.

Tim has a long history here and I would take him back to the failed Mataroa International Shipping Co (MISL).

On September 14, 2005, Tim wrote to prime minister Jim Marurai and said, “I write as shareholder and guarantor for MISL”.

There are still people waiting to have their bills paid from that failed shipping exercise.

Please Tim, can you advise when they are likely to be paid?

He also said in the same letter:

“Our development activities will yield our own outlets to ensure profitability and longevity of business for MISL;

“MISL is in it for the long haul regardless, as it is not a simple matter of developing the two hotels and walking away.

“We are obliged to ensure proper delivery of supplies to our hotel operations post-development and we have several other development opportunities currently undergoing feasibility analyses.”


            (Name and address supplied)

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