Why did Puna call an early election?

Thursday July 05, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

It’s the question no one has asked: why did Henry Puna call an early election?

He had everything beautifully arranged.

All the outer islands would have been hooked up to solar power with power charges reduced – not treating!

Te Maeva Nui set up to provide all the northern group with a great visit and possible departure offshore with free (not subsidised) freight to and from – not treating!

He is chairing the fisheries forum this week, tame scientists no doubt telling us where the fish are, etc, etc.

So what went wrong?

The only obvious conclusions are: (a) Calling the election early he has blocked the budget until the new parliament sits instead of having to present it before the election. Or (b), did he hear a rumour that 30 Manihiki voters were going to return home and change the government leadership? Hmm?

Any suggestions, anyone?


            (Name and address supplied)

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