Some questions for Infrastructure boss

Thursday March 08, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,


Muri MP Tamaiva makes a good point about how finance minister Mark Brown's Takuvaine constituency, with little or no traffic, is sealed with hot mix, while the main road in Muri gets second grade chip seal.

Just look at the mess T&M Heather made with the recent reinstatement of Te Aponga Uira’s trenching project. In my opinion, the incompetence the company showed beggars belief, as was clearly demonstrated in "Hot Mix" Vaile's published pictures. Here are some questions for Infrastructure Cook Islands (ICI) secretary Ngametua Pokino to answer:

1. What criteria (if any) did ICI use to prioritise the use of expensive hot mix for Takuvaine, given that it has very low traffic levels and makes little contribution to the national economy?

2. Was the decision to use hot mix influenced or directed by members of the government, as a member of your staff told me at the time?

3. Do you think that the recent reinstatement of the road at Muri and Titikaveka is acceptable? If not, why hasn't ICI who are responsible for roading infrastructure, directed T&M to do the job again properly?

4. Since T&M 's work in Muri was so poor, would this be considered as a relevant factor if they tender for the resurfacing of Arorangi?

            Heavy Roller

            (Name and address supplied)

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