The Demo Party needs Rasmussen

Wednesday March 07, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor
Wilkie Rasmussen is “smart and visionary” says a ‘Former Demo Party Supporter’. 18030616 Wilkie Rasmussen is “smart and visionary” says a ‘Former Demo Party Supporter’. 18030616

Dear Editor,


Two nights ago on CITV I watched Mr Wilkie Rasmussen, the chief executive for the leader of the opposition, broadly outline the Demo Party’s views when they meet with New Zealand’s prime minister.

The first thought that crossed my mind when watching Rasmussen is that the current Parliamentary Leader of the Opposition, William ‘Smiley’ Heather, simply does not have what it takes to carry out his duties, responsibilities and roles as he ought to.

Rather than Rasmussen coming on CITV to share his party’s thoughts, it should have been the Leader of the Demo Party himself, William Heather.

For the good of the Demo Party, I believe Heather needs to accept this fact and step aside in order to allow someone more articulate, confident and competent to be the parliamentary opposition leader.

The second immediate thought that crossed my mind was that at this point in time, Rasmussen is by far the most talented individual in the Demo camp, and the one who has the greatest leadership potential.

This individual is smart and visionary, has bundles of energy, is articulate and bold, has tons of political experience at the highest level, boasts a great understanding of the workings of both the public and private sectors, and is passionate about the long-term good of the country and those who call themselves Cook Islanders.

A no-nonsense, ‘Mr Fix-it’ type of guy who could certainly inspire and inject a new level of much-needed confidence into the Demo Party.

He is not an MP at the moment, but for the future survival of the Demo Party it is critical that the party hierarchy put their full weight behind Rasmussen and pave the way for him to not only win a parliamentary seat but also lead the Demo Party. And the sooner the better.

With this in mind, the two vacant parliamentary seats whereby by-elections will shortly be held may be the perfect opportunity for the Demo Party to look at the bigger picture, break the mould and give Wilkie Rasmussen a go.

I reckon the Demo Party will have a realistic shot of bundling the CIP from government at the general elections later this year should Rasmussen become MP and lead the Demo Party into this year’s election contest.

            Former Demo Party                Supporter

            (Name and address supplied)

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