Another road death – but no mention of helmets

Monday December 04, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

Recently there was another tragedy on our roads with a death of a motorcyclist on the sea wall.


And once again speed and alcohol was claimed as contributors to the accident. 

What was very interesting to note about this last accident was there was not one mention of the person not wearing a helmet.

In every other accident, fatal or not the paper is very quick to point out if the rider was not wearing a helmet, but no mention was made at all. This must mean the obvious and unfortunate fact that despite wearing a helmet, the influence of speed and alcohol was greater than a helmet could prevent.

Sixty per cent of all accidents with helmets are fatal, the person dies, take away the alcohol and speed and the accident is more unlikely to happen at all. 

There are other factors no-one is looking at either. The role of the friends, workmates and sports teams who allow the friend to get on the bike drunk in the first place. In New Zealand they have adverts that say if you drink and drive you are a “bloody idiot”, but if you stop someone from drink driving you are a “bloody legend”. 

It is time to stop those at risk getting on these bikes at all. Take their keys, take him home call a taxi but don’t let them drive drunk.

A helmet cannot guarantee your safety. but a bloody legend mate who stops the drunk from driving can be.

            Tea Totaller

            (Name and address supplied)


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