No response from Demos

Wednesday November 08, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

Both Democratic Party columnists, leader Tina Browne and executive officer Wilkie Rasmussen, had an opportunity to respond to my call for acts of political leadership and courage in tackling electoral unfairness.


Both ignored the issue. Both want to win seats in the north - Tina Browne in Rakahanga and Wilkie Rasmussen in Penryhn. It’s clear the last thing they want is reform, for the same old political motive of personal interest.

On the other side, the CIP government has likewise ignored the issue. With all four of the northern seats in their camp, it’s not much wonder they too don’t want to change anything. Again, political calculation trumps restoring fairness in our electoral system.

What’s disappointing most of all is that the politicians are supposed to have the best interests of all the people in the country at heart, and not treat being the government as a “possession” they own to do what they like with.

The imbalance between those represented in each Rarotonga seat in parliament and those represented in most other electorates, but particularly in the north, is dramatic and makes a mockery of the term “democracy” in our country.

            Mata-Atua McNair


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