Healthy life worth more than wealth

Thursday September 14, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

Health is wealth.


If you are healthy you can enjoy life regardless of the amount of wealth you have.

But if you are not healthy, it is possible you will spend every dollar of your wealth on getting back your health. 

These are the messages I believe we need to focus on for changing our community’s attitude towards reducing our NCD = EGD "Early Grave Diseases" 

It is said that information is power. This may be true in essence, but for good health it requires the application of the information to change bad habits to better healthier ones. 

Our Health ministry is posting lots of information in CINews showing us graphs of how many heart diseases, how many lung diseases how many diabetes cases there are in our islands, thinking that when we learn how how bad the situation is, we will change. 

Well we haven't changed. In fact, I would bet hardly anyone even read the graphs to find out what they said because it looks like school work, it looks too technical, it looks boring. If our ministry wants to help people rid themselves of their EGD, they should try to speaking in everyday language that people will find it fun and exciting to be part of. 

It is not information people need, it is the inspiration to change. T-shirts and billboards featuring slogans with a positive spin are a great way to capture peoples’ imaginations and desires.

Billboards showing diseased feet or toes do not encourage change in those who need it, they don't see it as abnormal or bad, they just see their own feet. 

These billboards like the pictures on cigarette packets don't work on the affected to put them off, smoking, they work on those already in the know and alarmed about the risks. Basically they only work on those already converted.  So how do we change our habits? 

We have to change our mindsets. When we change how we think, we can change our lives. I suggest the Health ministry try selling t-shirts or place big bright billboards with the following slogans to catch people's attention.

Health = Wealth

Less is More

I am Healthy, Wealthy and Alive.

Be Stronger, Live Longer

Walk for Life

If we can all take a positive approach to saving our lives and those we care about from EGD = Early Grave Diseases, we can create a happy and long-living community here in paradise.

            Ruta Tangiiau Mav`e.


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