Revamped Demo Party sees light at the end of the tunnel

Tuesday August 22, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

With Tina Browne, Smiley Heather and new opposition office chief executive Wilkie Rasmussen at the helm of this revamped Demo Party, we can now see light at the end of this bleak and dark tunnel, and can look forward to an optimistic future.


We now have a very strong and committed group of humble, determined and corruption-free leaders, who will finally oust this corrupt CIP government.

Over the past few years, this government has not only misgoverned our country’s political, judicial, electoral and economic future, but if re-elected another term, as Wilkie has alluded to, indications are firmly apparent; Cook Islanders will likely lose their New Zealand citizenship, as PM Puna still wants a seat at the United Nations, no matter what our people say.

Strangely enough, PM Puna has yet to publicly refute that ever becoming a reality. So we can rationalise that it is definitely still on their agenda. It’s simply insane.

So what other hidden agendas do they have? Sell our 40 per cent Bluesky shareholding to help pay for our share of the new Manatua submarine telecommunications cable? Never ever, not in a million years!

Borrow even more money from overseas, and repay with what? Not a good idea, as we don’t want to increase our debt beyond our capacity to repay it, do we?

Perhaps it’s time for government to do something every business and household has to do from time to time – tighten the old belt, economise and downsize, and with the savings made, slowly but steadily begin to repay our creditors, bit by bit. After all, that’s how we all do it.

Or do PM Puna and his CIP-led government have “friends” who will give us even more rope with which to hang ourselves with, as much as PM Puna and co may want? And what’s the quid pro quo? After all, there’s no such thing as a free lunch when it involves business with interested international stakeholders, because they will also have their own agenda and due care to our country will never be their priority. Ours, yes, but really, definitely not theirs...

Be ever watchful and vigilant, connect the dots. Make better and informed database of “real news”, not the fake news shoved down your throat by various sources daily!

And always question, then diligently research the answers given, to show who is telling the truth and who is making up the lies.

For we have an awful lot at stake: Our country’s future.

            Papa Williams

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