Pot, meet Kettle

Friday July 28, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

So there are “crazy people” on the island that think Jesus came back (again) as some Korean guy. Yeah – that IS crazy.


What is NOT crazy is believing that an invisible sky being sent himself to earth, incarnated as his human son, so he could get sacrificed to himself, and to forgive humans of sin, he created himself. It also isn’t crazy to believe a 600 year-old man built a 137 metre boat capable of carrying all of earth’s animals (there are 1.8 million catalogued animals on earth, with 1 trillion being an estimate of the total - and what about the plants?!). That’s NOT crazy! It’s totally logical. It says so in the book!

If Muslims had been as adventurous and determined as the Christian missionaries that indoctrinated your grandparents, you’d find yourself on your knees facing Mecca five times a day. But no, thank God you are Christians – it was meant to be! The other 5000 religions that have existed in the history of humanity (including the “crazy people” who think a Korean man is Jesus re-reincarnate) are wrong. It is you who are right.

            Wake Up.


            (Name and address supplied)

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