False doctrine warning

Wednesday July 26, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor
False doctrine warning

I want to warn of a group of supposedly ‘Christians’ on the island who are promoting a false doctrine based on their belief in “Mother God”.


I was accosted outside Prime Foods last Friday afternoon by an aggressive woman waving her Bible at me. She followed me to my car and attempted to promote her belief in “Mother God”.

As a born-again Christian, I was highly offended by her actions and speech. With my own biblical knowledge, I challenged her that there is One God only and that is our heavenly Father, the creator of this beautiful paradise in which we gratefully live.

I felt affronted on behalf of the people that this false teaching had landed on the island as a direct challenge to the Christian belief and values of Rarotonga.

This group of people and their teaching have no place in our nation.I hope others will not be deceived by this false teaching and will stand up for what they know is the truth.

            Catherine Leeming



  • Comment Link Monica Wednesday, 02 August 2017 17:46 posted by Monica

    Hi, I understand where the writer is coming from. We all wanted to protect our country and our people and warn them against people who may have ulterior motives. Our members are in Cook Island to spread the love of our Heavenly Mother. Across cultures and race, the love of a mother is universal. Who would sacrifice devotionally and sacrificially for a child? It is indeed a mother. This truth is beyond religion, or political beliefs. A mother is truly a crucial figure in all our lives--a precious one, for that matter.
    I urged the people of cook island to open their hearts and minds to look into the truth about Heavenly Mother testified in the Bible and in all creation. Understandably, it isn't a doctrine everyone was brought up with. However, please examine how all Christians such as you are came to believe in Jesus. Christianity has been regarded as a cult in the times of Jesus and the apostles. Having failed to understand the prophecies they failed to recognise God who came in the flesh. We should not commit the same mistake as they did before.
    Your nation must truly be precious to you, that is why you feel obliged to write this column. And for those who may have read, you may also feel the urge to reject.
    Please know that we came with a good intention and it shouldn't be misinterpreted due to your own prejudices, and biased opinions. Please consider carefully, because in the end, it is not by human efforts that we can save our country.
    This teaching may have been new to you, but new does not necessarily mean it is wrong.

  • Comment Link Daniel Wednesday, 02 August 2017 12:48 posted by Daniel

    They received Queen's award last year by doing excellent voluntary work in UK. They are honorable MBE(The Most Exellent Order of British Empire). They are messengers of love. We should respect them and welcome them and their belief in the bible as well. If we don't, I think that it is dishonour to Queen in UK. So it is wrong to say bad about them because they have a different faith.

  • Comment Link Josephine Tuesday, 01 August 2017 15:08 posted by Josephine

    It 'seems' other things like decriminalising homosexuality has been put out there also. Is a clarion call for Christians...

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