Clarify road rules please

Wednesday April 23, 2014 Published in Letters to the Editor
Clarify road rules please PHOTO Bob Linsdell on Flikr

Dear Editor, Would it be possible for the police or Ministry of Transport to put something out there letting drivers know what the give way/turning right road rule actually is? 

Since NZ went back to its original ruling of giving way at uncontrolled intersections and you don’t always give way to those on your right anymore, it seems with many Cook Islanders and Kiwis on our roads, we are completely confused as to what “our” road rules are. 

Apparently (and I am not sure of this), the Cook Islands always had the original rule that NZ went back to, we just adopted what NZ went to because there were so many ex-CI Kiwis and Kiwis on the island.

Now I am really confused – and it seems so are a lot of others too! 

Jennie George


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