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New fees too much

Friday September 30, 2016

THE PROPOSED new fees at the Ministry of Justice are so exorbitant that they would be condemned as “price gouging” and struck down by the official consumer watchdog if it happened in Australia, for example.

Waters still muddy on household fees

Friday September 30, 2016

IN A recent radio talkback programme, Infrastructure Minister Teariki Heather was praising the virtues of Tonga and their water system, which is entirely self-funded.

Tourism worse than seabed mining

Friday September 30, 2016

I AM concerned about the view of the letter-writer "Realist," who referred to the seabed mining industry as, "an ugly industry such as mining that will undoubtedly destroy our marine environment and marine life or to continue with tourism with has contributed so much to our economic wellbeing".


Thursday September 29, 2016

IT SEEMS VERY weird that just a week after World Clean Up day, that the “On On” team go out and drop shredded paper along the roadside as markers for their trail

Just read that Act

Thursday September 29, 2016

RE THE smoke signal “A question and another”, published in CI News recently.

Roading decisions call for answers

Thursday September 29, 2016

IT WAS great to read about the Minister of Finance announcing the $8 million-dollar commitment to the island’s road network over the next four years.

Shark cull plan ‘disgusting’

Thursday September 29, 2016

IF IT is true, then news that the Cook Islands government is planning a shark cull in Tongareva, and has supported an ongoing shark cull in Pukapuka, is disgusting.

Shares worth nothing

Wednesday September 28, 2016

I AM not sure why CI News keeps giving Tepaki and his schemes publicity, but could we please have a reality check?

All of our laws wide open to abuse

Wednesday September 28, 2016

IN REGARD to the story headlined “Call to change fishing laws,” on page one of CI News on Thursday, September 22.

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