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Thanks for the word on spelling

Wednesday August 31, 2016

I WOULD like to thank the writer of the letter in CI News headed, "Need for more care with Maori spelling."

We’re a society of contradictions

Wednesday August 31, 2016

HERE ARE definitions of the words “corrupt,” “corruption,” “bribe” and “dishonest” from the Collins Concise Dictionary, 21st Edition:

I AGREE with the smoke signaller who wrote about Ruth Horton’s views.

I HAVE to agree with Ruth Horton on teaching our children how to value self-esteem as a result of being part of the work force.

WHILE IT'S good that more and more stories and articles appearing in tourism newspapers and magazines in this country are starting to truly reflect the Maori culture of this land, it would be even better if a bit more care was also shown for the spelling and translation of certain names, places and objects.

MAY I respond to the letter by “Share-a-ton of Junk” printed on August 22 and headed “A five-star mistake,” by saying with a name like that, this ghost writer of yours must be a “Sheraton Junkie.”

RE THE story about motor vehicle wrecks on Rarotonga in the CI News dated August 25, 2016.

REGARDING my recent stay at Aitutaki Hospital. I have been in the Cook Islands for almost 15 years and like many, have occasionally written letters to the editor complaining about this or that.

I HAVE seen some complaints in the smoke signals column in CI News regarding the customer service given by some businesses around Rarotonga to tourists and locals alike.

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