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Donated tractor difficult to miss

Tuesday January 16, 2018

William Framhein enquired in a letter published in CINews on Saturday as to the whereabouts of the tractor and the agricultural machinery donated by the Chinese government.

Letter wasn’t about race

Tuesday January 16, 2018

I support David McNair’s letter about the weekly column that Thomas Wynne writes.

I have just finished reading a book on sugar written by Damon Gameau, the same man who made the film on sugar that was shown in schools not so long ago.

We may be world leaders in our bid to be self-sustainable by 2020, but when it comes to protecting our lagoons and island from plastic pollution we are our own worst enemies.

It might be a good time for all the parties involved to take a step back and think carefully before further antagonising an already difficult situation.

The letter by Grass Cutter headlined ‘Wannabe PM insults our intelligence’, in last Saturday’s CI News needs to be acknowledged positively in terms of its balance and accuracy.

Water treatment remains an issue

Monday January 15, 2018

The last paragraph of a story in Wednesday’s CINews captured my attention.

It was interesting to hear on Wednesday morning’s Radio Cook Islands-RNZ International and Pacific News report, comments attributed to Senator Concerta Fierravanti-Wells, Australian Minister for International Development and the Pacific.

Good on you, Thomas...

Friday January 12, 2018

Thomas Wynne's column is the one thing I do look forward to read in the paper each week. It’s typical of papa'a like David McNair  to run down our people like that.

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