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Letters are one of the most important parts of the paper because this is where the community has a chance to have its say. All letters to the editor received will generally be published, provided they are not defamatory or are covering exactly the same ground by the same writer.

Non du plume are acceptable, but the name, address and contact details must be provided to the editor.

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Grey Power ignored

Friday October 21, 2016

GREY POWER recently sent letters to Finance minister Mark Brown and Financial Secretary Garth Henderson expressing concern at the ever-increasing cost of living, and particularly the increase in taxation.

CIP proud of by-election effort

Friday October 21, 2016

THIS IS a letter of gratitude and thanks to the leadership of Papa Tupuariki Puna, and the rest of the CIP committee working for Terapii Maki to be elected as the Member of Parliament in Aitutaki.

The case for ending airline subsidy

Thursday October 20, 2016

It’s no wonder MFEM is not keen to publicise the latest airline subsidy evaluation report prepared in August 2016 by Market Economics Ltd of Auckland.

Advertising fees bone of contention

Tuesday October 18, 2016

THE SECRETARY of Justice's Saturday rant in CI News must be, in the annals of political appointments of over 51 years of self-government, the ultimate example of one of the reasons Cook Islanders have fled this homeland.

The SHOCKING truth behind the recent headlines on yet another investigation into Teina Bishop is that these stories indicate to me that the PM is the most likely person to have been responsible for them.

Many THANKS to all those responsible for organising the week-long Apii Avarua centennial celebrations.

BACK IN the late 1970s I was working for a travel company as a bus driver doing airport and hotel transfers, circle island tours and conducting glass bottom boat tours.

Much confusion about title now

Monday October 17, 2016

I BELIEVE “Kopu Ariki’s” article in CI News on September 26 which said there shouldn’t be any confusion over the status of the Makea Nui title when Rev John Williams and the Bible teachers arrived here in 1823 was accepted favourably by your readers - and especially Ngati Makea.

How Christianity came to Aitutaki

Friday October 14, 2016

THE OTHER day someone from a committee planning the upcoming annual Nuku asked me who actually received Christianity when it arrived on Aitutaki, Tamatoa Ariki or the Taunga named Tepaki.

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