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IT WAS good to see MP “Captain Tama” riding his bike into work last week.

LAST WEEK the High Court found former Minister of Marine Resources, Teina Bishop, guilty of accepting a bribe from Chinese fishing company Leun Thai in return for 18 fishing licenses.

EARLIER this month, Grey Power was referred to in a newspaper story in what I believe is a totally inappropriate way.

I HOPE that the family of the smoke signaller who lives in Nikao and works in Turangi were consulted about the airport location, and, if a landowning family, that they were suitably financially compensated.

TO THE smoke signaller who suggested we should be discussing solutions to the buggy issue, rather than complaining.

I AM wondering how our farmers are going with learning about how to be organic growers as announced as a trial by our Ministry of Agriculture in an attempt to find ways to lessen the use of dangerous paraquat sprays on our food grown here in the Cook Islands.

Legend production a great show

Saturday July 23, 2016

THE MINISTRY of Cultural Development must be congratulated on its excellent cultural legend drama production involving the schools on Thursday.

SOMEONE wrote to CI News saying Rose Brown would be a good PM if she achieved various things.

FIRSTLY, IT’S good to see “ghosts” engaging in conversations again.

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