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Norman George: People of Atiu are unwilling to help themselves

Monday November 11, 2019 Written by Published in Opinion

The Democratic Party conference was loaded with metamorphic changes.


Reverse immigration. Bring our young people back. Bring the doctors back. Reverse economic decline and dereliction. Invest $10 million on each island for growth and development.

Let outer-islanders run their own economies. Send young people back into the plantations. Teach youngsters survival techniques like how to catch fish and grow taro.

Demos want to resonate with people. E tangata, e tangata. No false and fake economy.

Why is lazy unspent money called surpluses? Money not used because the Ministers are not around to implement the projects? Why are we totally dependent on tourism? Why is the economy in a catatonic paralysis?

The call at the conference was to get the Democratic Party to rally and mobilise. People are disaffected. A government that lost two general elections won power by false pretenses. Once in power they switch to survival mode, no parliamentary sittings, no economic outputs, nothing but chasing overseas travel allowances for unimportant conferences.

A presenter whom I shall refer to as “Mr T” proposed the Northern Group islands of Penrhyn, Manihiki and Pukapuka be set up as refueling centres for 1000 fishing vessels in the central Pacific.

At present, these fishing vessels lose 10 days travelling to refueling depots in American Samoa. We can, by our geographic location, reduce that to one or two days. We can also supply fresh water and ships food supplies.

Delegates from all three electorates on Mangaia were the most colourful and best dressed with two sets of uniforms for each day of the conference.

One of the speakers was the Iron Lady June Taringa Baudinet. She is standing for this week’s Atiu by-election. She outlined the problems and solutions for the bankrupt island of Atiu. June wanted to do so much for her people in Atiu. A lot of them seem to be hard of hearing or unwilling to help themselves.

The electors of Atiu are like Donald Trump, creating their own reality. They think the money to tar-seal the roads in Atiu comes from Rose Brown and daughter Te-Hani, according to June. The government is never mentioned!  

It is possible the people of Atiu have closed their minds to new ideas and interventions. Keep going Aunty June! All the intelligent people of Atiu and the Democratic Party, I am sure, are praying for you!

Kua rava teia, ka kite!




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