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MORE rainfall has been recorded on Rarotonga this year compared to the same period last year.

THERE is a greater possibility of cyclones during El Nino years, says Professor Fes de Scally.

The wet and cold weather that has hit the southern Cook Islands is not expected to end anytime soon.

With local climate change projects on track for 2015, the government is hopeful that the Cook Islands will stand a better chance at facing climate issues.

Authorities on agriculture from across the South Pacific rallied together in Papua New Guinea last week to get ‘climate smart’.

Representatives from the Netherlands were at the Pacific Climate Change Roundtable meeting Apia, Samoa last week to share lessons on rising sea levels and disaster preparedness.

As the participants at the Pacific Climate Change Roundtable in Samoa return home this weekend, many are leaving satisfied that it was the best conference to date.

In this new modern age the roundtable is no longer a place for knights but for decision makers to address the issues facing communities, countries and the globe as a whole.

A massive downpour which pummelled Rarotonga on Friday evening brought 27.4 millimetres of rain between 7pm and midnight.

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