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A massive downpour which pummelled Rarotonga on Friday evening brought 27.4 millimetres of rain between 7pm and midnight.

Rain and more rain…

Thursday March 12, 2015

Surface flooding was a common sight around Rarotonga yesterday, after four days of intermittent downpours.

Rain stays on

Wednesday March 11, 2015

If you’re sick of all the wet weather, don’t blame Cyclone Pam.

Be cyclone-ready now

Wednesday December 28, 2016

Cyclone season is here and people should already be fully prepared for a major storm, says director of Emergency Management Cook Islands, Charles Carlson.

The Cook Islands will join over 40 other countries around the Pacific Rim as a participant in a mock tsunami scenario tomorrow. 

Tropical disturbance brings wind

Tuesday February 21, 2017

The strong winds which blasted Rarotonga yesterday were caused by a tropical disturbance located west of the island.

Wet season gets off to a rainy start

Thursday November 02, 2017

The wet season in Rarotonga got off to a perfect start this week and the local weather office expects the showers and rain to last for at least a couple more days.

Highest rainfall in a decade

Monday May 07, 2018

More than a third of April’s total rainfall fell in a single day according to the latest figures released by Infrastructure Cook Islands (ICI).

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