Weather office launches new website

Tuesday March 29, 2016 Written by Published in Weather
An internet user accesses the revamped Cook Islands Meteorological Service website. 16031829 An internet user accesses the revamped Cook Islands Meteorological Service website. 16031829

The Cook Islands Metrological Service has launched a revamped website in a bid to improve their communication with the public regarding weather issues.


The website features latest updates on weather, cyclone warnings and other relevant details.

Cook Islands Metrological Service director Arona Ngari said the service had been working on refurbishing its website for the past few years.

He said with the support from parent body Ministry of Transport, the Met Office had been able to completely redesign the site and give it a fresh new look.

“The idea behind this is to create a platform through which we can keep the public informed on the weather updates, forecasts and warnings.

“We had a website but it needed a new look. This one will have the latest weather updates and links to social media from where the public can also access weather updates, forecasts and other relevant details.”

Ngari also said the service had put a lot of emphasis on engaging social media on the updated website because of its popularity.

The Met Service now has profiles on Facebook and Twitter where people can access weather information.

“We will have staff from the Met Service looking after and updating the website and the social media pages.

“We are looking at eventually having a dedicated webmaster to look after our online updates.

“We welcome any comments or suggestions from the members of the public on the ways we can improve our service.”

The website says the Met Service is dedicated in providing the latest weather updates, forecasts and warnings for the Cook Islands.

“Since that first rainfall observation in 1899 in Rarotonga, more observations are now made to guide us to see what will happen tomorrow,” the website says.

“We bring you information to help you make the perfect plan for your daily activities.

“From planning an outdoor function, planting your favourite crop, to a fishing trip, visiting a night market or simply cruising around the island, we are your weather experts 24 hours a day.”

The website can be accessed via

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