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Upgrade floors school students

Friday April 19, 2013 Written by Published in Technology

Arorangi School opened its refurbished computer room yesterday, with a newly tiled floor and a fresh coat of paint.

The school received a $1000 donation from the Road House Community Housie group to tile the floor. They also received $300 in funding from Highland Paradise as a result of performing there earlier this year, which went towards painting the room.

President of the Road House Community Housie group Pipi Roangi organised the fund for the new tiles after talking to Arorangi principal Teina Tearii-Patai.

“I looked at the needs of the school. I said to the principal, ‘I can help you’, and I talked to (the Road House Community Housie group) the following day.”

Roangi said upgrading the computer room is an investment in the students’ education.

“This is the learning tool for students in this era – it’s technology. They have to be exposed to it, and know how to use it.”

The computer room holds 17 desktop computers and 6 laptops, equipped with internet access and interactive games that assist learning.

“We’re trying to find ways we can motivate kids,” said Tearii-Patai. “So there are games that make it fun for kids to learn. They will learn as they play the games.”

The computers have games that help children learn about numbers, and assist with literacy.

Daniel Munro, a previous student of the school who now works in technical support for the Ministry of Education’s ICT department, helped set up the computers in the room. He said the PC’s, some of which the school purchased in 2007, have hard drives with a long life span – they are expected to last at least 10 years.

Tearii-Patai said the new tiled floor is a novelty for some of the staff members.

“There are teachers here who had never set foot in a tiled classroom,” he said.

There are plans to tile the library, which resides next to the computer room, in the future.

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