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Software troubles for Telecom

Tuesday March 05, 2013 Written by Published in Technology

A software malfunction was the cause of disruptions to some of Telecom’s services last Thursday.

Customers were unable to make calls to the outer islands for part of the afternoon.

Telecom Cook Islands sales and marketing manager Damien Beddoes said there was a problem with software that had been installed by Redcom a company that has been working in the Cook Islands since 1996.

“We had a technical software issue with the Redcom equipment,” Beddoes said.

Telecom is waiting for Redcom to send a piece of software designed to fix the issue, known as a ‘software patch’.

“We’re waiting for suppliers to send a software patch to correct the issue, and in the meantime we’re running calls through another route.”

He said Telecom technicians are still working on the issue and running tests, and it is not yet known when the software patch will arrive.

“We’re reliant on the software developers. They do testing, they send it to us, we do our testing, if it doesn’t work we send it back, and it just goes back and forth,” he said.

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