Behind scenes with MPs

Monday September 02, 2019 Written by Published in Politics
Democratic Party MPs do team-building games together. 19083054 Democratic Party MPs do team-building games together. 19083054

Democratic Party members will be better prepared after undertaking a workshop to understand their roles as Parliamentarians of the Cook Islands.


Senior Opposition member and Titikaveka MP since 2012, Selina Napa said this was the first workshop of its kind where they discussed standing orders, their code of conduct and whether or not they were following their own policies.

It was informative and a chance for capacity building within the group, said Napa.

“I enjoyed the workshop,” she said. “It made us think outside of the box.”

Prior to sitting in Parliament, they have meetings to go over new bills and air any concerns which has enabled them to understand how to handle Parliamentary proceedings.

Te Tuhi Kelly, one of the workshop instructors, said the Democratic members may not have been well-equipped in the past – but they are recognising their weaknesses.

His role was to teach them about team work and leadership so as to expose them to different ways of handling stress and improve their professionalism.

Similar to a confidence course, Kelly was able to profile each member as to whether they were more analytical or intuitive.

Through a series of activities and allocated into teams, their management of stress and decision making was tested.

Napa said there needed to be more of these workshops to help them work together better and prepare them for challenging situations.

The workshop lasted two days with a number of instructors such as the Clerk of Parliament Tangata Vainerere, former Clerk John Scott, and Cecilia and Tui Short. 

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