New parliament clerk named

Thursday January 10, 2019 Written by Published in Politics

Tangata Vainerere has been confirmed the new Clerk of Parliament, effective January 4, 2019.


Queen’s Representative Tom Marsters issued the warrant of appointment earlier this month, assigning Vainerere to the post which has been left vacant since the demise of former clerk John Tangi in August last year.

The new clerk has been appointed to the post on a three year term.

Vainerere said he was excited with his new role and was looking forward to deliver his duties to the best of his ability.

“The Cabinet and executive council has done their part to get the appointment through and then the QR has done his part and now it’s up to me to perform in the role,” Vainerere said.

“I have received a three year appointment which I’m so much grateful for, so I pledge to do the best I can, even though I may not have been the preferred candidate of some people.”

Vainerere said he put his hand up for the role because of his experience working as the executive coordinator at Pacific Legislatures for Population and Governance (PLPG).

He said the experience he had gained at the regional and the international level in his former role could make a difference in his new job.

“It doesn’t matter if I’m not as good as someone else. That is not my concern at the moment. My concern is, there is a job to be done and it’s got to be done to the level that is acceptable and worthy of the position.

“That’s my aim and my personal aim is to do the job properly and to do it effectively.”

Vainerere brings vast experience working for PLPG with parliaments around the Pacific as well as in New Zealand, Australia and the Commonwealth.

He is no stranger to the Cook Islands parliament, having served as an interpreter and the secretariat to select committees as well as the public accounts committee.

“I have been serving the parliament ever since my organisation (PLPG) was relocated to the Cook Islands, and I’m well versed with what happens in the parliament here.

“Before I was a behind the scenes person, through an agreement between my organisation and the parliament signed in February, 2014, whereby I provided a certain number of services to the parliament at a small cost.

“I just have a different role now. I’m actually being like the custodian, making sure all parts of the system operate to the optimum level to provide services for the House.”

As the custodian of the legislature, the law making facility, together with the Speaker, Parliament staff had to make sure that they did their jobs properly and effectively, Vainerere added.

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