Decision goes to Court of Appeal

Thursday December 20, 2018 Written by Published in Politics
Demo Party leader Tina Browne. 18121915 Demo Party leader Tina Browne. 18121915

Court registrar Claudine Henry-Anguna will refer the report she received from the Electoral Office regarding the Rakahanga seat to the Court of Appeal before confirming the outcome.

Chief electoral officer Taggy Tangimetua on Tuesday sent a report to Henry-Anguna following crutiny of the Rakahanga rolls.The seat was initially claimed by Cook Islands Party’s Toka Hagai following the general election. However, was later declared “not duly elected” and his election declared void by the court.

Henry-Anguna said she would make the decision regarding the now-vacant seat public once she recieed confirmation from the court.

However, it is widely believed that Democratic Party leader Tina Browne, who filed petition and the appeal against Hagai’s election, may have claimed the seat. Hagai was found to have “treated” free food and drinks, to 26 people at his rally in the lead up to the election.

In its ruling the cour recommended that: “on scrutiny of the Rakahanga rolls, be struck off from the number of votes appearing to have been received by the respondent in the final vote count on 28 June 2018, the vote of every person who voted at the election and was proved to have been so treated in attending the campaign meeting on 24 May 2018”. 

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