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Confident Demos adopt ‘wait and see’ attitude

Monday June 18, 2018 Written by Published in Politics

The Democratic Party met last Friday morning for a prayer and debriefing following the preliminary results of Thursday’s election.


Opposition parliamentary leader William “Smiley” Heather, spoke about the party's unity and commitment to working together as a team, as he said it had on the campaign leading up to election day.

“While there is much to celebrate in significant wins in some seats, the final count will reveal the result of our people's wishes for a change in government,” he said.

“The party is quietly confident that the numbers that they have obtained so far will remain secure. Once the final position is established the Demo Party will move forward in securing the full amount of seats required to commence government.

“It has not been an easy road for the Democratic Party, having to contend with the superior financial resources of our opponents, but we are proud that we have come through by maintaining a positive, ethical and clean campaign. 

“The party will come together as candidates and our leader will arrive from the Pa Enua soon to agree to our next steps.

“We look forward to that time when we can all be together to celebrate and acknowledge everyone's contributions.”

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