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Thursday June 14, 2018 Written by Published in Politics
Tupapa-Maraerenga residents turn out at Aotearoa House to cast their votes. Tupapa-Maraerenga residents turn out at Aotearoa House to cast their votes.

Join Cook Islands News as we provide exclusive coverage and updates on the latest results from the 2018 General Election.

Cook Islands Party: 10

Democratic Party: 11

Independent: 2

One Cook Islands: 1


10:52pm - We're signing off for the night, but be sure to stay up to date with CINews as we bring you full analysis of the Cook Islands 2018 General Election. As it stands, neither party can form a majority government. The CIP will require the support of the two independents as well as OCI to be able to form a one-seat majority government. The Demos need the support of only two of those members to do the same. Moe ake ra. 

10:00pm - Final constituency, Ngamau Munokoa has been defeated by the CIP's Vaine Makiroa Mokoroa 438 votes to 227.

9:51pm - One Cook Islands (OCI) candidate George Maggie retains his seat of Tupapa-Maraerenga, receiving 479 votes. Demo candidate Lee Harmon won received 366 votes and independent candidate Teresa Manarangi-Trott received 42 votes.

9:50pm - William 'Smiley' Heather retains his seat of Ruaau, receiving 323 votes. CIP candidate Arama Wichman received 277 votes.

9:20pm - Vaitoti Tupa has taken Matavera from Kiriau Turepu. Tupa received 266 votes, compared to Turepu's 251.

8:55pm - Only four constituencies remain. It is looking increasingly likely the minorities will hold the balance of power. Big question surrounding who will lead the Demos, with the party's two leaders both failing to win their constituencies.

8:43pm - Selina Napa has retained the seat of Titikaveka, receiving 198 votes.

8:41pm - Democratic Party leader Tina Browne has failed to secure the seat of Rakahanga, going down 20-28 to CIP candidate Toka Hagai.

8:33pm - Demo candidate Kitai Manuela Teinakore has taken the seat of Vaipae-Tautu, beating Mona Ioane 156-131.

8:23pm - Albert Nicholas has held on to the Avatiu-Ruatonga seat, receiving 265 votes. Demo candidate Teina Rongo received 219 votes.

8:20pm - Te-Hani and Rose Brown may be the first ever mother-daughter duo to become members of the Cook Islands parliament. CINews also believes Te-Hani Brown is the youngest ever member of parliament here in the Cook Islands.

8:16pm - The two main parties hold seven seats each, with two independents also claiming seats. Eight constituencies remain.

8:13pm - Pukapuka-Nassau has gone to CIP candidate Tingika Elikana, with 126 votes. Junior Willie Katoa received 121 votes.

8:06pm - Another upset has occurred, with independent candidate for Penrhyn Robert Taimoe Tapaitau receiving 48 votes and beating out Wilkie Rasmussen and Robert Taimoe Tapaitau.

8:03pm - As expected, Mark Brown has held on to the seat of Takuvaine-Tutakimoa, receiving 265 votes. Demo candidate Teokotai George received 137 votes and independent George Pitt received 7 votes.

8:00pm - 13 constituencies have been counted so far. The Demos require only five more seats in order to be able to form a majority government. Upsets so far include Nandi Glassie losing his seat to 22-year-old Te-Hani Brown and James Beer losing his seat of Murienua to Patrick Arioka.

7:52pm - Demo candidate Tamaiva Tuavera has won Ngatangiia with 254 votes compared to Tuakaka Ama's 211 votes.

7:50pm - CIP candidate Patrick Akaiti Arioka has won Murienua with 203 votes. James Vini Beer received 133 votes and OCI candidate Teariki Taraare Unuka received 64 votes

7:38pm - Henry Puna has retained his seat of Manihiki, receiving 88 votes compared to Demo candiate Tereapii Piho's 26 votes.

7:36pm - Rose Brown received 65 votes and has won Teenui-Mapumai. CIP candidate Tereapii Porio received 26 votes and Demo candidate Tania Akai received 6.

7:33pm - Arutanga-Reureu-Nikaupara has been won by CIP candidate Tereapii Maki-Kavana, who received 156 votes. OCI candidate Isaraela Pumati received 148 votes.

7:30pm - Amuri-Ureia has gone to Demo candidate Terepai Moate, who received 152 votes. CIP candidate Toanui Isamaela received 113 votes. 

7:15pm - CIP candidate Mark Brown says: "The results are going according to what we expected. The results that haven't been announced, we will wait and see. The result of Mitiaro has just been announced, we won that and are happy with that".

7:05pm - CIP candidate Tuakeu Tangatapoto has won the seat of Mitiaro over Tanagata Vavia 47 votes to 36.

7:00pm - The CIP have picked up their first victory tonight, with Tai Tura receiving 57 votes and taking the seat of Mauke. One Cook Islands candidate Tungane Williams was second with 56 votes. Democratic Party candidate Belezadala Tangata William Tararo received 27 votes.

6:57pm - Tengatangi-Areora-Ngatiarua has been won by Te-Hani Rose Alexandra Brown, who received 61 votes. CIP candidate Nandi Glassie received 42 votes. Glassie had held the seat since 2006. Norman George received 6 votes.

6:55pm - Democratic candidate Tetangi Matapo has won the seat of Tamarua 29 votes to 21 over CIP candidate Mia Teaurima.

6:30pm - First result in - Democratic Party candidate Anthony Toruariki Armstrong has won the constituency of Ivirua by 16 votes. Armstrong received 50 votes compared to Cook Islands Party candidate Marion Harry, who received 34 votes. Voter turnout was 94 percent.

6:00pm - Polls are now closed. Votes are currently being counted and the numbers will be released constituency by constituency, starting with the smallest constituencies.

5:30pm - Results should start rolling in within the next hour. Be sure to stay tuned to our live blog for analysis of the numbers as they come in.

3:40pm - We have been in contact with the Electoral Office and they have indicated results will begin being released just after 6:00pm tonight. We will have a reporter there as the votes are being counted and will bring you results as they are released.

1:00pm - There will be a lot of interest in the constituency of Titikaveka, where there are five candidates vying for the seat.

12:10pm - Speaking from Aitutaki, former member of parliament Teina Bishop says: "It's a beautiful day. The weather's great and the polling booths look very busy here."

10:30am - Kia orana and thanks for joining us. Voting began at 9:00AM this morning. We are anticipating results from the Pa Enua to start coming in early this afternoon. Hopefully we will have an indication of who has won the election by 8:00pm. We will keep you updated with everything election related throughout the day.

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