Nicholas: ‘Demos have lost the plot’

Wednesday June 29, 2016 Written by Published in Politics

INTERNAL Affairs Albert Nicholas has confirmed he was present at the controversial Monday June 20 sitting of parliament solely to support MP Rose Brown.


While the legality of that sitting is being vigorously defended by the opposition coalition against rejection by the government and the Queen’s Representative, Brown was given majority support.

Nicholas, who says the Demo Party has “lost the plot,” says he has known MP Brown and her husband Taoro for many years, and their relationship goes beyond politics.

“I went to parliament to support Rose. We are family and have been friends for years and my decision was based solely on that.”

Minister Nicholas believes the 39-year old MP would make a “fabulous” prime minister, but doesn’t agree with the way in which she was nominated in what he sees as a questionable gathering of parliament.

He says the way in which the Monday sitting was orchestrated wasn’t the “proper way” or “the nice way” to have gone about things.

“You see for people like Rose and I, this what I believe is the nonsense we need to rise above in order to change the whole face of politics.”

Asked if his support of Brown indicated he believed her time to take the mantle had come, Nicholas repeated that she would make a “fabulous” prime minister, but the nomination process “should’ve happened differently and not the way it did.”

He says the opposition coalition will never be able to justify the recent events in parliament as they had moved to adjourn to August 22, and “Monday June 20 was not August 22”.

“If I had the opportunity to be a prime minister, I wouldn’t have used that day, because it’s just made a mockery of the whole thing. Those are my thoughts, anyway.”

Voted in on the Democratic Party ticket then crossing to the Cook Islands Party to take a ministership in government was a decision made by his Ruatonga, Avatiu, Palmerston, Panama and Atupa executive, says Nicholas.

“It was a decision based on history. The last time RAPPA was ever taken notice of was when Papa Tom (Davis) was prime minister and that was a very long time ago.

Sir Thomas was prime minister from July 1978 to April 1983 and again from November 1983 to July 1987.

“Since that time our Members of Parliament have come and gone, tried to do things for us, but because they were just ordinary MPs, certain things were hard to make happen.”

Nicholas says his executive is a reflection of his constituency coming together irrespective of political affiliations.

“My executive is comprised of former members of the Demo party, former executives and a former president and also members of the CIP. Having a coalition executive is what it’s about.

“When we came together, we decided to do this for the sole purpose of RAPPA.”

Demo leader William Heather Junior has written to Nicholas advising him of the party’s intention to challenge him under the Electoral Amendment Act which could result in Nicholas’ seat being declared vacant. It’s a move that doesn’t concern Nicholas, who says the Democratic party has lost the plot and should be more worried about their own lack of political leadership.

The minister says the Demos have got it all wrong and can’t challenge him for voting against the party during the budget debate (as claimed by Heather), as he was not even present in the House, having left to attend a staff function.

“I know that I can’t oppose or support the budget.”

Nicholas was sacked from the Demo ranks in November last year after being advised of this in writing by Heather. Heather also went on television to publicly state Nicholas was no longer a member of the Democratic Party.

“To our friend Albert, all the best in your political career, we wish you the best wherever your political career might take you. So farewell bro’, we’ll see you in parliament whenever the PM decides to call parliament,” said Heather at the time.

Nicholas believes in recent times the Demos “gave up the soul of their party to two people, Teina Bishop and George Maggie. He accuses the Demos of blindly following One Cook Islands leader Teina Bishop who was made opposition coalition leader earlier this year.

“So obviously they’ve (Demo MPs) dropped down the ladder.”

Even more recently he says, they’ve “surrendered even more of their leverage and taken themselves even lower down the ladder.”

According to Nicholas, the four leading favourites because of the votes they can bring to the opposition are Rose Brown, Teina Bishop, George Maggie and himself.

“If I was the leader of the Democratic party I would tell everyone to stop this nonsense and focus on the next election.”

“I would be saying, let’s work on good ideas, let’s see how we can offer ourselves as an alternative.

“They’re spending so much time trying to gain power maybe they are just forgetting about what's coming up soon, the next election.” 

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