Parliament priority

Tuesday June 07, 2016 Written by Published in Politics

WITH Parliament starting today, all ministers are expected to be home for at least a month discussing various issues concerning the country.


Prime Minister Henry Puna was the last of the touring ministers to return home from the African Caribbean Pacific (ACP) Leaders Summit in Papua New Guinea last week.

Fiery debate on issues such as the 2016-17 budget, the Family Law Bill, the EU fishing agreement and others is expected in the opening parliament sitting of the year.

Clerk of Parliament John Tangi said the main agenda in the parliament this week will be the budget for the upcoming financial year.

“In the first week of parliament, it’s the prerogative of government to decide how the business of the House is arranged,” Tangi said.

“Some of the bills may be rearranged and that rearrangement can actually take effect at the last moment when parliament sits through a motion as provided for under the rules of conduct of parliament.

“For this coming parliament, the main agenda is the budget which is standard for parliamentary sitting at this time of the year because the new financial year starts on July 1.

“So that is a priority as a far as government or even the opposition is concerned.”

Tangi said from the last sitting of parliament in December, 2015 there were eight bills that were awaiting their second reading.

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