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Outer Islands

Mangaia joins doctor-less islands

Monday January 23, 2017

The MINISTRY of Health’s doctor on Mangaia has resigned and will not be replaced.

WITH A Nikao landowner standing firm on a decision to level 15 graves where relatives from the outer islands are buried, a Palmerston Island family has removed the remains of family members.

Lack of oxygen kills Aitutaki fish

Monday January 23, 2017

THE MINISTRY of Marine Resources (MMR) has concluded that a fish-die off in the Aitutaki lagoon earlier this month was most likely caused by oxygen depletion.

Atiu reunion remembers Papa Teiotu

Friday January 20, 2017

It WAS a reunion that the members of Teiotu-O-Tangaroa family will remember for years to come.

Pukapuka games a whole lot of fun

Friday January 20, 2017

THE SUMMER Games in Pukapuka have come to an end and Tawalalo celebrated their win with dance, song, and a whole lot of making fun of Tawangake.

The PUKAPUKA hydroponics project has finally been completed.

DESCENDANTS of the late Apii and Moeroa Karaponga from Manihiki have gathered for their first family reunion to celebrate the life of the couple.

Following on from Mauke’s Years 7 to 9 beach debris investigation in Term 3, the class more recently had the opportunity to trial lagoon data collection in a raui area at Patito, on the west side of Mauke.

Loads of festive fun on Aitutaki

Friday December 30, 2016

IT’S BEEN a busy month on Aitutaki.

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