$500k for water system developments

Monday September 14, 2020 Written by Published in Outer Islands

The northern group islands’ rainwater harvesting and storage system will be improved soon, says Infrastructure Cook Islands.

This comes after the weather office warned of major dry spell ahead for Rakahanga, Penrhyn and Manihiki.

Infrastructure Cook Islands, Pa Enua director Otheniel Tangianau said Cook Islands Climate Change Adaptation Fund has allocated NZ$500,000 to cater for water system developments in the Pa Enua

The programme under Pa Enua Action for Resilient Livelihoods (PEARL) will be used to improve, repair and upgrade existing community water storage infrastructure on the northern islands, Tangianau said.

He said this would improve overall rainwater harvesting and storage since the islands main water source is rainwater.

Preparatory and field work is being led by Infrastructure Cook Islands who is working with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management, Office of the Prime Minister – Cook Islands Climate Change and Island Governments as well as the material suppliers to complete this project.

Tangianau expects the water project component to be implemented within the coming 12 months.

The projects include:

· Replacing a purpose-built Water Catchment building on Manihiki as well as the provision of the guttering system.

· Repair a number of 45000litre concrete water tanks in Pukapuka and Manihiki including guttering systems

· Repairing of 140, 000 litre concrete tanks - Rakahanga and Penrhyn

· Repair additional 5 x 45,000 water tanks in Rakahanga

· Provide a number of 25,000l PE tanks for the Omoka Water catchment building

· Provide concrete mould and materials to install new 20,000 litre concrete tanks on the islands of Palmerston, Nassau, Manihiki and Pukapuka to be connected to existing large Community and Government buildings with large roof catchments

· Pilot a Water maker desalination system on one of the islands

· Conduct water conservation awareness activities with these island communities

· Include these under the overall asset’s management programs of the respective Island Governments.

Tangianau said: “It is also based on the islands drought risk profiles which is now why most of the PEARL funds are being focused on water activities in the northern islands.”

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