The nursery rhyme tells of the seven wives with seven cats – but Date Hideki has gone one better.

Criminalising same-sex relationships may clash with the Constitution, the Prime Minister acknowledges.

Company’s lawyer questions whether there will be much left for unsecured creditors. Anneka Brown investigates.

Inspiring farewell for man and dog

Thursday November 07, 2019

Bear the dog climbed into the van, so excited was he to bid farewell to his dying owner. 

Violence no laughing matter

Thursday November 07, 2019

Comedian Tofiga Fepulea’i plays his most serious role this month – a starring role in Cook Islands’ White Ribbon campaign.

A dog owner is raising new concerns about poisoning, after the deaths of three more dogs.

‘How many deaths will it take?’

Wednesday November 06, 2019

A fifth motorcyclist death this year is driving new promises to make helmets compulsory. 

The SPCA is calling for education for dog owners and for planters using pesticide pellets, to prevent accidental poisoning.

If life gives you lemons …

Tuesday November 05, 2019

Lewis Tutai and his sister picked a bunch of 13 lemons from his dad’s farm yesterday – and his grin says it all.

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