Working up sweat in Cooks lockdown

Saturday April 11, 2020 Written by Published in Local
The Cardio Combat Crew before social distancing. 20040946 The Cardio Combat Crew before social distancing. 20040946

A Rarotonga fitness group has come up with an innovative way to stay in shape with the gyms closed in the Covid-19 go-slow.


Since the lockdown nearly three weeks ago, Cardio Combat Crew were conscious that everyone was going to miss their daily cardio combat fix.

They decided to open up a YouTube account allowing their followers to watch and workout in the comfort and safety of their homes.

Cardio Combat Crew member Ani Thompson says they are now sharing content with their devotees.

“We hope that wherever you are in the world to keep moving, keep fit.”

Founder Luciana Nicholas offers Cardio Combat followers a mix of low and high impact workout routines following the beat of various styles of music.

Thompson said: “There are alternatives (highs and low) options always! Everyone is different so be sure to listen to your body!

“Cardio Combat is a fun way to move to the beat but also incorporate various combat techniques as well as traditional dance (our Tamure classes), body-weight & HIIT style choreography to trick your body & mind into completing the challenge within the track!”

Cardio Combat Cook Islands is supported by a small crew of individuals who freely give up their time for the betterment of the Cook Islands people in their fight against obesity and other non-communicable diseases.

Interested participants can join them online with their new online livestream roster which you can find on Cardio Combat Facebook page.

“We are in this together,” Thompson says.

·, or Cardio Combat Cook Islands on YouTube.

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