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If life gives you lemons …

Tuesday November 05, 2019 Written by Published in Local
Young Lewis Tutai holding a bunch of 13 lemons on a stalk. 19110402 Young Lewis Tutai holding a bunch of 13 lemons on a stalk. 19110402

Lewis Tutai and his sister picked a bunch of 13 lemons from his dad’s farm yesterday – and his grin says it all.

Not every three-year-old loves eating lemons, but Lewis chomps on them as if they were oranges, his mum says.

Now, his bunch of lemons is the talk of the town. Secretary of Agriculture Temarama Anguna-Kamana says she’s heard of large numbers of lemons growing on one stalk, but she’d never seen it before.

Her director of research, William Wigmore, said he had never seen more than about 10 lemons on a stalk.

And Titikaveka Growers Association president Teava Iro says he has never seen so many lemons growing on one stalk – this was unusual.

He said for other plants that give fruits, a tomato plant if well looked after and given the right nutrients could have around 10 tomatoes in a cluster.

As for Lewis, his mother was more surprised than he was. Lewis and her daughter were going to give it away, she says, but she decided to hold onto them. She has plans: Lewis’ grandad brough back a tuna, so the lemon will be good for ika mata.

And of course, as the old saying goes, if life gives you lemons …

“I think I might make some ginger lemonade. That would be nice.”

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