A mast-erplan

Saturday August 03, 2019 Written by Published in Local
The antenna at Matavera located behind Takitumu Primary school. 19080242 The antenna at Matavera located behind Takitumu Primary school. 19080242

Construction company Raroweld has been commissioned to dismantle the Matavera Mast.


Renall Vogel’s child attends Apii Takitumu. Like the other students and teachers, his child was forced to relocate and move from the school grounds, overshadowed by the rusted and swaying structure.

Vogel said the dismantling of the mast has been long overdue but he is glad the project is now moving forward.

Cook Islands Investment Corporation general manager Tamarii Tutangata said a contract had been signed and Raroweld was scheduled to begin site preparations next week Tuesday.

Tutangata said it would not be necessary to cordon off the Takitumu school sports field until the engineers begin actually bringing the mast down around August 16.

Tutangata said if weather permitted the dismantling of the Matavera Mast should be completed by September 11.

The Ministry of Education has been informed of the development and will inform the Apii Takitumu community.

Tutangata said they had also informed the Cook Islands Football association who use the school field. Yesterday they met with the neighbours near the 107-metre mast.

Raroweld owner Conrad Hunter said it would be a very technical operation.  They have 50 kilometres of rope which will assist in a pulley system to bring down the mast.

The crew will have to reinforce parts of the structure before they can start removing the rusted steel from the top.

It’s a good opportunity said Hunter who is ready to get the project underway.

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