DAY 70: Talbot walks 26.4 km

Monday April 15, 2019 Written by Published in Local

On Day 70 of James Talbot’s Creative Trail walk, he managed to 26.3 kilometres in 7.5 hours.


On his journal, Talbot said he walked from Ngaio Heights.

He began his walk from the skyline walkway and was surrounded in cloud ... wispy rain persisted the whole way through.

“Rain and wind up top on Mount Kaukau was strong enough to push me around. Made my way over Colonial knob in the mist and rain ... eventually descending down to Rifle Range Road and leading onto Ohariu Valley Road.”

Talbot said his headphone kept him going and as he continued his walk he found nice lobby sit on to have lunch in Spicer Forest.

“Had the two curries for lunch plus some choc to take the spice away. Finished the normal biltong along the way. Sad to see that the end of Spicer Forest has a lot of litter in it.

“Track overall was fine, a little wet but all good. Boots, gaiters and poles all proved to be excellent choices ... A lot of road walking at least half the distance which was also a good test for the boots.”

He said the descent into Camp Elsdon was a staircase so he walked down.

“Stopped to refill my water and have some choc before I pushed on through the suburbs back to Linda and Paul's house in Whitby. Got back by about 4pm. Total distance and time today of 26.3kms and 7.5 hours

“June and Ivan showed up with four vegetarian roti and the feijoa pudding, meitaki maata to you both ... above and beyond and deeply appreciated.”

Talbots Day 71 will be spent at Hamish and Jo Weir home in Raumati which is expected to be long walk of about 28kms.

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