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Day 37: Ashburton rest day for Talbot

Thursday March 07, 2019 Written by Published in Local
James Talbot with his new friends in Ashburton. 19030614 James Talbot with his new friends in Ashburton. 19030614

It was rest day for Creative Trail walker James Talbot at Ashburton, New Zealand yesterday.


Talbot is walking the Te Araroa trail of 3200 kilometres in New Zealand to raise $300,000  for the Rarotonga Creative Centre.

On his Day 37 journal Talbot said he got his laundry sorted and sorted his back pack.

But the best part of his morning was managing to talk to his family and hear their voice over the phone.

Talbots next major leg is Arthur’s Pass.

Talbot said: “My resupply box into Arthur’s Pass may not make it in time for my arrival due to various reasons.

“So I had to go into town and stock up on some extra meals just in case. So my pack is maxed out at the moment. The prices in Arthur’s Pass are steep I’ve been told so I don’t want to be buying everything there.”

He said it was 36 degrees Celsius and sunny weather in Ashburton.

“Had another spa this afternoon which was very nice even in this heat. Jo and Mark are doing a BBQ so I’m looking forward to that.”

Talbot had an early night as he was ready for his next destination, Lake Coleridge, where he had a cottage free through Hamish Weir.

“It’s normally quite hard to find somewhere to stay/camp in this area so I am very lucky on this one. Really appreciate it.”

He said Jo would take him to the Rakaia Gorge then it’s a 24 kilometre road walk into the Lake Coleridge village. It will be a another no network area until his next stop Harper Village campsite which is another 28 kilometres then Hamilton Hut at 21kms and through to Arthur’s Pass at 31kilometres by Saturday.

“Arthur’s pass will put me at approximately 740kms or 25 per cent of the way ... getting there slowly but surely.”

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