Lightning hits airport light system

Wednesday February 13, 2019 Written by Published in Local

Airport Authority officials were working round the clock yesterday hoping to fix the lighting system damaged by last week’s lightning strike.


The lightning on Wednesday affected the runway end identifier lights as well as the newly-installed precision approach light system.

Airport Authority chief executive officer Joseph Ngamata said the precision approach light system’s main control system and 75 per cent of its backup control system was affected by this lightning.

“By Thursday (last week), we were able to restore 50 per cent of the precision approach light system but were not able to restore the runway end identifier lights,” Ngamata said.

“By Friday we had restored the full precision approach lighting system but had to switch these on and off manually from our power centre building rather than from the Control Tower.”

On Friday night, Air New Zealand cancelled its Los Angeles flight due to the non-availability of the runway end identifier lights.

Ngamata said by Monday, they managed to restore the switching of the precision approach lighting system to the Control Tower.

Some parts required to fix the runway lights were brought in yesterday. He said work on restoring lights on the runway to full capacity was expected to be completed by late yesterday.

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