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‘Please pay’ – appeal organiser

Thursday March 29, 2018 Written by Published in Local

The organiser of last week’s radiothon, for the house that burned down in Atupa, has asked those who have yet to pay their contribution to please do so.


Nga Teao-Papatua said $14,947.30 was raised from the food, drink and a “spin-the-wheel” contest at the auditorium dome last Friday, and $18,660 was raised from the radiothon.

The amount raised was over $30,000 and was earmarked for helping Mama Ake Lewis, whose Atupa residence burned down last month.

However, Teao-Papatua said over $7000 worth of donations had yet to be honoured.

Currently $11,520 has been paid off the total amount, leaving $7140 remaining, which she has asked to be banked by the end of the next week.

“To those who have not paid, we request that the amount is very much outstanding. Please go to the bank, BCI, and deposit your money,” Teao-Papatua asked.

“To those in the outer island, we acknowledge their support, because I know that they will bank their money. We really appreciate the help for the Pa Enua for their help during the radiothon.

She was also incredibly thankful for the help of her two supporters that assisted with the radiothon, Pairu and Ake.

Teao-Papatua also extended a big “meitaki maata” to Ngaputoru communities (Atiu, Mauke and Mitiaro), Tapere RAPPA (Ruatonga, Avatiu, Atupa, Panama), the Civil Society and Auvaine Kuki Airani, and every other person or organisation involved in the fundraising effort

For those who are still yet to pay, the account number is 85-850-s16, and the name is Community Radiothon Fundraiser.

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