Christmas Day ‘quiet’ for police

Wednesday December 27, 2017 Written by Published in Local

Police were out in force on Christmas Day but reported a “mostly quiet” time on the roads during the first half of the day.


But later in the afternoon, they were still maintaining a high profile, stopping vehicles at checkpoints set up at various locations around the island.

By midday, one driver had been arrested for excess breath alcohol. The man, a Fiji national, was more than two times over the legal limit when breathalysed. He was processed and placed in a police cell.

During the morning, police officers issued a total of 15 minor offence notices at various locations where traffic checks were conducted. One motorbike was confiscated due to the driver breaching the helmet law.

Police were noticeably active during the afternoon, with a number of checkpoints set up at various locations including Arorangi and Blackrock.

Meanwhile, driver behaviour on Christmas Eve was reported as “mostly good”

Three drivers were placed in police cells after being tested for excess breath alcohol.

“Police officers are hard at work trying to keep the roads safe and two of those drivers were arrested by police conducting traffic checkpoints,” said police media spokesman Trevor Pitt.

“The third driver was being sought by the police for questioning in connection with threatening people at a residence.

“This man had been arrested earlier this month for wilful damage and is scheduled to appear in court in January 2018. He had returned back to the location at which he had been arrested, intoxicated. Police stopped him while he was driving.

Police also went to the scene of a motor vehicle crash near Vaiana’s Bar in Nikao where a female driver on a motorbike had collided with a dog. The woman was taken to hospital by ambulance with minor injuries.

During the morning 10 drivers were fined after being stopped on the Maire Nui Drive in town, nine of them for speeding.

“This is a reduced speed zone, which is constantly being ignored by many,” Pitt said.

“Police have zero tolerance for speeding and the morning’s minor offence notices were part of a half-day of traffic checks at several locations.

Two drivers were fined for speeding near Super Brown in Tupapa – another stretch where motorists continually abuse the road rules. Three offence notices were issued at Atupa and one person forbidden to drive. Near the Met Office in Nikao two drivers were warned for speeding and two drivers received fines for lack of documentation. At Matavera, one driver received an offence notice for failing to have mirrors. And at Avana, two minor offence notices were issued to drivers for speeding.

“A word of advice to drivers: get your act together. Be compliant on the road with the law and your driving documentation,” Pitt said.

“Police will continue this road safety enforcement and will issue the penalties for your failures.”

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