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Month starts badly on Rarotonga roads

Wednesday December 06, 2017 Written by Published in Local

With the busy festive season fast approaching, Cook Islands police are asking locals to take extra care on the roads around Rarotonga.


This month started badly for police, with six motor vehicle crashes reported over the weekend. They ranged from minor to very serious, and prompted more calls from for drivers to exercise caution on the roads at all times.

Police media liaison officer Trevor Pitt said motorists should refrain from drinking and driving and travelling at excessive speed.

A motorbike crash at the Takuvaine roundabout was reported police early on Friday evening. Minor injuries were sustained by the pillion passenger and the driver is facing a charge.

A man was taken to hospital on Friday afternoon after being involved in an accident on the back road at Tupapa. Police said the incident was believed to be alcohol-related.

Reports of a motor vehicle crash between a motorcycle and a car prompted a police callout to the Punanga Nui market on Saturday morning. Witnesses said an ambulance was called, but by the time police arrived, both parties had fled the scene, leaving police officers with the task of piecing together an investigation.

“It is an offence to leave the scene of a motor vehicle crash in which you are involved without rendering and fulfilling certain obligations,” said Pitt. “This offence has seen many defendants appear in the Avarua High Court recently.”

A serious motorbike crash in Turangi late on Saturday night resulted in a man being taken to hospital in a serious condition. Police are investigating the crash, in which the driver is reported to have collided front-on with an ironwood tree.

On Sunday, police responded to an accident on the main road in Avarua involving a motorcycle and a pick-up truck. The motorcycle driver and passenger were taken to hospital for medical treatment.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, the driver of a truck crashed into a hedge on the main road at Rutaki. The driver was breathalysed and arrested and will appear in court this week.          - SO/Release

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