Auction pays off for young artists

Monday December 04, 2017 Written by Published in Local
Mana Jennings with his beautiful art work which fetched $1500, the highest bid of the night. 17120107 Mana Jennings with his beautiful art work which fetched $1500, the highest bid of the night. 17120107

Apii Te Uki Ou pupils exhibited some of their finest artwork at the Bergman Gallery on Thursday evening.


The natural beauty of the Cook Islands was the inspiration for a collective art exhibition called “Toku Ipukarea”.

Different aspects of visual art and a variety of creative techniques could be seen in each of the art pieces that were showcased and auctioned off.

“Nature Inspires” was the school’s theme last term and each classroom took a different look at nature for creative inspiration.

The students had workshops with several local artists who are involved in the creative arts industry.

Each class took a different approach to the theme, including sculpture, painting, photography and large collaborative pieces.

Toku Ipukarea represented the work of the school as a whole, ranging from pre-school through to Year 8.

Coordinator Janine Fiebig said the art exhibition was a chance for the “best of the best” art work to be displayed.

The event began at 6.30 and drew crowds of local families, parents and art appreciators.

All of the proceeds from the auction went back to the school.

Fiebig said school students deserved to feel proud of themselves for what they had achieved.

“It was a tearful moment watching 13-year-old Mana Jennings and his father embrace after his piece, “Te ‘Aerenga ‘O Te ‘Etu” for with the evening’s highest bid of $1500.

Mana said he chose to paint the journey of a star because it reflected on a person’s life.

“This was a journey for me and it began with finding the inspiration around my life, the design process, creating stencils and then learning painting techniques.

He said he had grown through the experience of producing the art work and had learned that art reflects a person’s life.

“I would like to continue to learn about visual art in the future,” he said.

Students, parents and teachers were entertained by the exciting atmosphere created by the auction. Fiebig said grandparents battled it out to win their grandchildren’s art work.

“The crowd was so deep, and husbands and wives outbid each other on the same pieces.

She says the auction night was a “fantastic” evening, enhanced by still to be totalled auction proceeds that raised over $9800.

Apii Te Uki Ou thanks all of their supporters and sponsors particularly, Bergman Gallery for supplying the venue.

“Apii Te Uki Ou thank Bergman Gallery for their support including donation of materials and to the tattoo artists and carvers who shared their experience and knowledge with the students. “Thanks to John Snowball, CITC Liquor, Tony and Simone Fe’ao, auctioneer and MC, George and Jenna Tere and Picture Paradise.”

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